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Perspective Taking in Academic Discussion

Perspective Taking in Academic Discussion

Mar 2019 - Jun 2020

This project, Diversity and Academic Discussion in the Classroom: Using Perspective Taking to Improve Process and Educational Outcomes of Small‐Group Discussion in the Classroom, is about how to help students develop skills in student-led, free-form, small-group academic discussion; especially in culturally diverse groups. The goal is to train students to have their own small-group discussion that is academically productive, enjoyable, and encourages expression of minority views and new perspectives.

Grant Details:

“Diversity and academic discussion in the classroom: Using perspective taking to improve process and educational outcomes of small-group discussion in the classroom” (March 2019-June 2020), HKD$50,000, funded by the Faculty of Education and Human Development Innovative Teaching Beyond E-Learning Grant 2018/19. PI: Emma E. Buchtel. Co-I: Jiafang Lu.

Cultivating Students' Global Perspectives

Cultivating Students'

Global Perspectives

Nov 1, 2020 - Apr 30, 2022

The project, "Cultivating Students’ Global Perspectives through Course Design with an Emphasis on the Affective Aspect of Learning", will develop an instructional framework for cultivating students' global perspectives. It will demonstrate the impact that a due emphasis on the affective aspect of learning has on students' development of intercultural competence (including knowledge and attitudes). Finally, the project will develop case studies and other resources highlighting the participating lecturers' best pedagogical practices. This cross-disciplinary project will include team members from nine departments across all three faculties, including five Teaching Award recipients, together with two external Co-Ss from North America specialising in cultural psychology and global citizenship education.

​​Grant Details:

“Cultivating Students’ Global Perspectives through Course Design with an Emphasis on the Affective Aspect of Learning (T0239)” (Nov 1, 2020 – Apr 30 2022), HKD$400,000. Teaching Development Grant 2020/21. PPS: Emma E. BUCHTEL (budget holder), Stephen CHATELIER, YU Kwan Wai Eric. Co-S: Bidisha BANERJEE, CHOW Sin Yin Alice, Kris HARTLEY, HO Wai Yip, NG Fung Sheung Isabella, Koji MATSUNOBU, Miron Kumar BHOWMIK, HUI King Fai Sammy, JIANG Da, Beth MORLING, and Michael THIER.

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