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Masks or Vaccines?: Survey Findings

Dr. Buchtel and Dr. Li were interviewed on the cultural psychology of mask and vaccine attitudes for the Green organization Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung's magazine (Page 40-43, "Perspectives Asia #10, Fabric of Society: Living through the Pandemic" They discuss their survey of adults in the USA and Hong Kong on why they do (or do not) get vaccinated & wear masks, supported by their EdUHK KT grant "Mask wearing Behaviors and Attitudes: Cultural and Individual Influences" (KT-2020-2021-0019). 

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Mask-Promotion posters

Wow! Join me in appreciating these contributions by EdUHK students towards promoting mask-wearing in the student dormitories and beyond!

These posters take principles of social and cultural psychology and apply them to the tricky job of encouraging everyone to wear masks, in a positive way-- even when we might be coming from different cultures where mask wearing is not the norm, and might even be judged negatively.

(1) Masks = Love!

This first slideshow showcases posters that are aimed to make us feel POSITIVE about seeing others wearing masks, and also tell us that we SHOULD wear masks: Because they protect other people. Masked people are heroes!

(1) Smile with your eyes!

This second set of posters are aimed towards people who feel socially uncomfortable wearing masks because they cover up their smiles-- which might be more important for social connection and normal social interaction in some cultures more than others.

It reminds us of psychology research on a "genuine" smile, shown with crinkles around our eyes (called a Duchenne smile).

Smile with your eyes-- and look to others' eyes to see their smiles!

Smiling with your eyes can create happy social connections too!

(3) Masks are for Friends, Too!

This third set of posters is aimed at the discomfort we might feel about wearing masks around good friends and familiar others. Warning: the feeling that you don't need to worry about infection from familiar, or nice, people--- is a myth! Psychologists postulate that it's a mental quirk left over from evolutionary times, when we had to be more cautious of strangers because they would be more likely to be carrying new-to-us diseases. Unfortunately, COVID-19 likes everyone in your city, whether you're friends with them or not.

So, remember-- masks = love; wearing a mask around your friends is protecting them!

THANK YOU to: Choi Sik Ue, Chui Suet Tracy, Liu Xinlu Echo, Cheung Hoi Ki, Lee Haoer Erle, Hu Yuxi Starry, Tang King Chun Karen, Zhang Tianchu Tina, & Wu Yingzhi Zia for their creative contributions!

Survey study: Cultures of Mask Wearing

Debriefing Video

Debriefing Video

Play Video

This is a "thank you" video to the participants in our Cultures of Mask Wearing survey. We conducted an online survey in the USA and Hong Kong about attitudes towards masks, vaccines, and social interactions in the age of COVID-19.

Fabric Design Competition: Connecting Science and Art

ART AND SCIENCE competition: Help turn Psychology research into Art!

This competition is complete.

5 prizes available ($500 1st prize, $300 2nd prize, three $100 runner-ups). 

Winning images were professionally re-designed for fabric printing, printed on fabric, and sewed into fabric masks in a student mask-sewing workshop.

5 Finalists were selected and submitted to a "popular vote" to help decide the 1st, 2nd, and Runner Up prizes! Go to EdUHK Psychology department's Facebook page to see the selections!

Learn more about this contest below.